>>Patient Testimony

Patient Testimony

"It's like a miracle, I recommend this product to anybody that has a bad back, knee or any joint pain. "
- Clark Darrah

Dear Dr. Dietrich,

I just want to say I was in alot of joint pain, knee pain, and low back pain that would not go away for the last 10 years. Just trying to go upstairs was a chore, Iam a carpet cleaner by trade, and I had to give up repairing carpet and laying carpet because I had so much knee and low back pain. Ive tried so many kinds os Glucosamines, but with no relief so I finally gave up taking it.

After using Dr. Dietrich's Formula Glucosamine chondroitin complete and also using concentrated omega 3, just for a week, I was able to lay a huge room with carpet and I haven't had anymore joint pain, knee , hip, or low back pain, I can know feel confident that I can continue my work to support my family.

It's like a miracle, I recommend this product to anybody that has a bad back, knee or any joint pain. Try it for yourself to see how good this product is.

Clark Darrah
Carpet Cleaner

"I have noticed so many changes, especially my skin, which is a lot softer and smoother, and by the way it happened in less then 2 months"
-Mike Neiri

Dear Dr. Dietrich,

 I just want to say if any of you out there are looking for a great omega 3 fish oil supplement I found a great one with Dr. Dietrich's Formula, since I have been taken Dr. Dietrich's Formula, I have noticed so many changes, especially my skin, which is a lot softer and smoother , and by the way it happened in less then 2 months, and I don’t use any moistering creams, so if your looking for  softer and smother skin try Dr. Dietrich's Formula concentrated omega 3 , by the way his concentrated omega 3 is tested for pesticides and heavy metals, and is free from it.

Mike Neiri

"If medical doctors can't give you an answer – get results with “Doctor D”."
-Thomas Snyder, California

My Life, Thanks to Chiropractic Care
Thomas Snyder

When was your first appointment in this office?
3 years ago

Did someone refer you to our office? Who?
Paula Snyder

Why did you first come to see us?
Auto accident- wanted to feel better physically

Describe in more detail how it happened, name of your disorder symptoms, and location of pain severity.
Whip lash from being rear ended – neck and back pain.

Describe how these health problems have interfered with your normal life's activities and relationships.
I drive for a long time so being able to move my neck and head-and lifting trays of bread up and down.

How long have you had these problems?
Now, none- but before 3 years

What led to your decision to try chiropractic?
Wanted to feel better

Had you previously been to a chiropractic, medical doctor, specialist, or other alternative prior to your visit to our office?
Yes, medical doctor

Describe previous treatment and those results.
Pain killer and ice, heat, and rest.

Was medication a part of your treatment previously? If so what were the results?
Being doped up doesn't help the problem.

My Experience With Chiropractic Care


What were your first impressions of chiropractic, this office, the doctors and the staff?
Very professional and nice

My Life Since Chiropractic Care

Describe how chiropractic care has helped you.
I can do my job with a greater ease on my body.

When did you begin to see results from our chiropractic care?
After first adjustment.

How has chiropractic care changed your life?
I look forward to getting up and going to work.

Any additional comment about techniques use in our office, exercise programs, spinal care class, the staff?
Doctor Dietrich and Linda are very professional and really care about you as people.

Do you have any words of encouragement for others?
If medical doctors can't give you an answer – get results with “Doctor D”.

"I must stress that I have much more energy and perform at a higher level of proficiency and efficiency."
-Jim Blacksten, California

Dear Dr. Dietrich,

I am pleased to send along this letter which in fact, constitutes a testimonial of what chiropractic care represents to me, and how it has helped to bring about some significant changes in my physical health, most notably with regard to some increased vision in my left eye. I have been coming in to you for chiropractic adjustments on a consistent basis for over seven years beginning September of 1996. It was this past year of 2003 in particular where I started to experience some positive results with some slowly increasing vision in my left eye that I did not expect. I must point out that when I first came to see you beginning in September of 1996,

My health was, at best, in below average status seeming to be going down rapidly. I was starting to experience some incredible pain in my entire spine, particularly in the neck area. It seemed as though I could hardly walk around, and it felt like I had an ongoing cold. The best and only answer that my medical physician gave to me was to prescribe to take medication and to be treated by a physical therapist, and this just simply was not working to say the very least.

As you know, I am a visually impaired person. I was born with congenital cataracts on both my left and right eyes, and I have had very little or no working ability of the nerves in nether eye around the optic nerve. I have no vision in my right eye for the optic nerve has been completely severed due to an unsuccessful surgery when I was 2.5 years of age. After I lost all of the vision in my left eye, the eye physician would not consider doing any surgery to my left eye throughout my childhood. This is due to the fact that no change, positive or otherwise seemed to occur to my left eye as I grew older. In other words, the situation with my left eye simply stayed the same with the nerves being dormant so the eye physician believed I would not gain any vision, and I was not willing to take any risk to lose my left eye. As I went through my adult years, up until 2003, all of the eye physicians that I went to see for appointments came up with the same conclusion, since no changes appeared to result in my left eye. Dr. Neumayr, my current eye physician, knowing I am an active computer user put it well when he said, “the wires in your eyes are just not working.”

As I have been coming into see you on a consistent basis, my physical health altogether has been improving, day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year. I must stress that I have much more energy, and perform at a much higher level of proficiency and efficiency. I have much fewer colds, and get over them more quickly than ever before. It is absolutely wonderful to feel the pressure being taken off my body upon receiving my adjustments from you each and every single time. I have found, as you have said so many times, that chiropractic care does indeed work. With each adjustment, the vertebras in my spine are put back into alignment on a consistent basis, together with pressure being taken off of the nervous system. I can tell this allows nerve flow to increase in my body, (particularly in my left eye.)

It is important for me to point out that in May of 2003, I began to notice a slight bit of improvement in the light perception that had been coming into my left eye. My eye physician, Dr. Thomas Neumayr, confirmed that the cataract in my left eye had been dissolving a little bit allowing more light to come into it. When I first came into to see Dr. Neumayr in 1996, the cataract in my left eye was absolutely the same as when I was 2 years of age, and the pupil was in the corner of my eye. However, in May of 2003, the cataract in my left eye had become super mature, and was beginning to dissolve. Dr. Neumayr did say to me that this situation is unusual to occur. I must stress that nothing had been done by the medical profession over the years to cause any changes to occur whatsoever. However, I have been coming into see you, Dr. Dietrich, consistently for a number of years. You through your chiropractic adjustments have been adjustments, the vertebras taking off significant pressure to the nerves in my neck and my head. I am convinced that this has helped to cause some healing to take place to the nerves in and around my left eye building them up and creating nerve flow thereby causing the cataract to begin to dissolve allowing more light, little by little, to come into me.

Over the course of the summer of 2003, I continued to have chiropractic adjustments to be performed, and was watched closely by several eye physicians including Dr. Neumayr, along with other healing professionals. As a result, I made the decision in September of 2003, to have cataract surgery performed on my left eye by Dr. Walter Stern, a Retina Specialist using the Posterior Method for removing cataracts. I was advised that this method is a bit more complicated than other methods that are used; nevertheless, this would be the best, safest, and only method to use in my situation. On October 29, 2003, cataract surgery was indeed performed on my left eye at Peninsula Hospital in Burlingame , California by Dr. Walter Stern, a Retina Eye Specialist. Since the surgery, I have been coming into see you once every week. My left eye has gone through incredible healing process during this time for now the pupil has come out of the corner of my eye and is in the center where it is supposed to be. This seems to be 100 percent improvement and a 180 degree turns around. Dr. Stern informs me that my left eye looks excellent from the front and that there is now a clear view to the back of the eye where the retina is lying flat as it should be together with the optic nerve in complete tact. In other words the surgery has been complete success. I am seeing a lot more light , shadows shapes ,and outline s and outlines of shapes I stand out on Mission street in front of the apartment building where I live in San Francisco , and can see the outlines of vehicles passing by me I simply could not see before. Now I have some depth vision for I can count fingers atone foot away, and can see people moving there hand s at 2 or 3 feet away from me. I sit on the chiropractic chair in your office and can clearly see the colors of the photographs on your walls at about 5 ft. or more distance.

Thank you Dr. Dietrich for playing such an important roll in performing chiropractic care which has brought such a large amount of healing to my body, and in particularly my eyes ,most notably my left eye . I know, and you know , that god does the healing ,and that you are Indeed a channel to help bring this about .you are a healer with the gift of healing in your hands and the results are being realized with me. May god s blessings be with you!

Very Sincerely,

Jim Blacksten

"I was diagnosed with Non-Hoskins Lymphoma in June 2001. I started to see Dr. Dietrich and in May 2002 all the Cancer was gone."
- Nancy Lenhart, California

Dear Dr. Dietrich,

I want to start out by thanking my Lord and Savior for his mercy and for giving Dr. Dietrich the ability and knowledge to help others.

I was diagnosed with Non-Hoskins Lymphoma in June of 2001. At this point I was at stage 1 and by August I was at stage 3. I had the fastest growing of the Lymphomas. I did very little medical and mostly natural. By February of 2002 I still had 3 spots of surgery left. Medical wanted 10 more chemo. I said NO!!! I started to pray as to what I should do and the Lord put Dr. Dietrich came to mind, which at the time didn't make sense, because I had forgotten he was a Clinical Nutritionist. So I started to se him and by May of 2002 all the Cancer was gone. Now we are in January 2004 and it's still gone. “Praise the Lord”

Nancy Lenhart

"After years of great care from Doctor Dietrich, my neck and back pain have greatly improved."
-Steve Kanon, California

My name is Steve Kanon, I have been a patient of Dr. Dietrich for the last four years. When I first started going to Dr. Dietrich I was experiencing neck and back pain and a sever stomach problem.

After years of great care from Dr Dietrich, my neck and back have greatly improved.

By being on Dr. Dietrich's nutritional program, not only has my stomach improved but other health issues as well. I know before I started going to Dr. Dietrich, I went to many medical doctors for my stomach but nothing ever seemed to help.

I would like to thank Dr. Dietrich and Linda for their personal care and touch. I will always be grateful for the return of my health which is priceless.

Thank you Dr. Dietrich and Linda!

Your patient forever,

Steve Kanon