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We will help you achieve Optimal Health.

To help people reach superior health, obtain vitality, and longevity with a sound state of mind. After over 30 years of research, we have found that disease is nothing more than malfunction left untreated, and you can't reach your full potential in life if you don't have optimal health which gives you a better quality of life.

If you take any drug for any symptom or condition you aren't healthy because your body chemistry is out of balance.

Our mission is to get patients to achieve optimal health by balancing body chemistry through state of the art blood testing procedures that show the state of their health at that time. Then we can offer advise on what to eat and what dietary supplements are needed for a complete movement toward optimal health.

What to expect on your first visit:

- Complete initial exam and consultation
- Comprehensive blood test, 50 panels
- Hair analysis for heavy metal toxicity
- Comprehensive written report
*Optional testing consisting of various tests such as estrogen, prostate & thyroid test.

You will be provided with a detail compressive report explaining what all the test results mean and what nutrients, vitamins, and dietary recommendations necessary to achieve optimal health.

We work closely with all of our patients to ensure they achieve optimal health. Taking them from where they are to a state of the highest health with proper diet and supplements. Every program is tailored to the patient needs because no two body's are the same.

Keys To Health

Just how do we achieve superior health, so you can have the quality of life you deserve? There are no real secrets just, plain simple common sense, with emphasis focused on, diets, supplements and exercise. Remember they all fit together like a puzzle you can go into book stores today and look under the Diet & Nutrition section and you will get 100 different answers and get confused.

We here at Total Health Clinic, know that every person is different, so it's important that we tailor a diet, supplement & exercise program to that individual, to get the most out of our program. Where one person may need more EFA (Essential Fatty Acids), another might need less were one person may need more protein, because of hard physical work, the office worker will need less as an example. That's why we find it very important to check, body chemistry, with blood work, hair analysis and other procedure, to see what state the body is in, then proceed, with, diet and supplements, and exercise.

I feel and know after 30 years of research that if a person, does not eat the right diet and take food supplements, and engage in some form of exercise, they will never achieve a high level of health. Just eating a good diet, with no exercise as an example we have only completed ½ the picture. Remember its ongoing lifestyle that only gets better and better. We here at Total Health Clinic are excited and honored to take you to the next level of Health